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50 Cause and Effect Journal Prompts

50 Cause and Effect Journal Prompts When we ask the question Why? about a subject, we usually begin to explore its causes. When we ask So what? we consider the effects. Cause-and-effect writing involves drawing connections between events, actions, or conditions so as to achieve a clearer understanding of the subject. Whether we choose to focus on causes (the reasons for something) or on effects (the consequences of something) depends on our subject and our purpose for writing. In practice, however, the relation of cause to effect is often so close that one cant be considered independently of the other.Youll find that some of the following topic suggestions emphasize causes while others focus on effects, but keep in mind that these two approaches are closely related and not always easy to tell apart. 50 Writing Prompts: Causes and Effects The effect of a parent, teacher, or friend on your lifeWhy you selected your majorThe effects of cramming for an examinationThe effects of peer pressureWhy some students cheatThe effects on children of a broken marriageThe effects of poverty on an individualWhy one college course is more rewarding than anotherWhy many people dont bother to vote in local electionsWhy more and more students are taking online classesThe effects of racial, sexual, or religious discriminationWhy people exerciseWhy people keep petsThe effects of computers on our everyday livesThe downside of smartphonesThe environmental effects of bottled waterWhy reality shows are so popularThe effects of pressures on students to get good gradesThe effects of a coach or teammate on your lifeThe effects of not keeping a personal budgetThe causes of noise (or air or water) pollutionThe effects of noise (or air or water) pollutionWhy so few students read newspapersWhy many Americans prefer foreign-built carsWhy many adults e njoy animated movies Why baseball is no longer the national pastimeThe effects of stress on students in high school or collegeThe effects of moving to a new town or cityWhy sales of DVDs are decliningWhy growing numbers of people shop onlineThe effects of the rapid increase in the cost of going to collegeWhy students drop out of high school or collegeWhy college mathematics (or any other subject) is so difficultWhy some roommates dont get alongWhy adults have more fun than children on HalloweenWhy so many people eat junk foodWhy many children run away from homeThe long-term effects of unemployment on a personThe influence of a book or a movie on your lifeThe effects of music downloading on the music industryWhy texting has become such a popular means of communicationThe effects of working while attending school or collegeWhy workers in  fast food restaurants often have low moraleThe effects of not getting enough sleepWhy increasing numbers of children are overweightWhy TV shows and movies about zombies are so popular Why bicycles are the best form of transportationThe effects of video games on young childrenThe causes of homelessness in your communityThe causes of eating disorders among young people

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Changes in Society essays

Changes in Society essays The way of life changed due to the inventions and the lack of man labor. If you were unemployed the chances to get a good job were slim. Although the inventions were remarkable, the outcome for the people were positive and devastating. The steam engine was a good invention, this helped trade both at sea and by land. The railroad was a cheap way to transport manufactured goods. The railroad boosted thousands of new jobs for the railroad and miners. Although it was a good thing, it also had people moving to cities. Things just started getting crowded, people kept on coming. It showed that the change was good and it was bad. The class tension was changed due to the revolution. Most all merchant factory owners had big houses. The middle class emerged with skilled workers, professionals, business people and wealthy farmers. The middle class seemed to get larger with government workers, doctors, lawyers and managers. They were neither rich or poor but they were getting by good. There was also a lower middle class which consisted of factory overseers and skilled worker. The poor workers were hit hard with poor living and working conditions. The industrial revolution caused many effects on society, some were good and some were bad. But the thing is that the changes were long term and many workers were effected. The industrial revolution was a thing to remember. ...

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Comparitive Gatbsy book to Movie Essay

Comparitive Gatbsy book to Movie Essay Comparitive Gatbsy book to Movie Essay The Great Gatsby Comparison Novel vs. Cinema Raela Petersons The story of the love drunken man and the careless indecisive woman called The Great Gatsby will forever live in the hearts of those who are still shaken by the abrupt and unhappy ending of the story line. The tragic story stays within the reader’s mind. It lingers within our minds and tugs at our heartstrings for the fall of the characters we have fallin in love with. This tragic tale deserves to be told over and over again, and so it is, in movie form. Often times movies never seem to measure up to the literary genius within the pages of a book, and with this story, the director did a decent job of capturing the overall theme of the book, but some of the story line was smudged due to poor casting and the modernization that had to take place in order to make the movie a box office hit. The overall plot and storyline of the novel remained mostly the same. In both the novel and the movie you could feel and agony and confusion Daisy felt during this difficult time in her life, and the overall emotions felt while reading the novel, and watching the mov ie remained similar in comparison. Although modernized in the movie, Gatsby’s money was just as exaggeratedÍ ¾ The confidence ­Ã‚ ­ or lack ­there ­of (depending on the scene), and mystery about Gatsby remained consistent throughout the novel and movie. Obviously, not everything within a novel can fit inside a short movieÍ ¾ scenes, characters, and details deemed unimportant were, for the most part, removed for the sake of time. One of the first things I noticed when watching the movie was the absence of Nick’s maid around his cottage. The movie exaggerates Nick’s poor economic status more than in the novel. Also, near the end of the novel, Gatsby’s father attends his funeral and we learn more about his past life and how intelligent and determined of a person Gatsby really was. This entire part is omit from the movie, most likely because it did not flow with the way the movie had been set up. The movie wanted to end it on an errey tone, and to accomplish this, that part had to be omitted. The movie seems to capture some of the characters in a different way than the novel did. In the movie, Myrtle is portrayed as a more beautiful and skinny v ersion than described in the novel. Daisy’s Character within the novel could be described as careless and free ­spirited. While the movie version seems to capture the free ­spirit aspect of Daisy, she does not come across as careless more than she comes across incompetent and weak. While subtle character changes between the movie and novel do not alter the overall meaning behind the storyline, entirely new changes within characters can sometimes change the way an audience would view the overall message of the story trying to be told. Daisy’s husband Tom, in the novel, is a very complex and difficult man to understand. If his love for Daisy was real, why would he cheat? But, if he would not even let his mistress speak his wife’s name, does he love his wife? Why would he answer the phone at dinner if his only reason for having a mistress was for sexual pleasure and a thrill? Who did he love? The questions never stop, and the novel never answers them. The movie seems to take a different approach to tackling this complicated character. Right from the beginning, the movie sets up Tom to be the villain. According to the movie, Tom pinned the killing of Myrtle and the affair with Myrtle all on GatsbyÍ ¾ When in the novel, neither of those things being blamed on Gatsby had anything to do with Tom telling anyone. The biggest difference of the characterization of Tom between the novel and the movie was the overall role of Tom’s characterÍ ¾ This being that within the novel, while Tom was not seen as a particularly nice man, he was not the super villain the movie portrayed

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An Investigation of Safety Practices in the Saudi Arabia Construction Research Paper - 1

An Investigation of Safety Practices in the Saudi Arabia Construction Industry - Research Paper Example accidents 17 2.6.2 Continuous safety practices by top management 19 2.6.3 Continuous safety practices by safety professionals 20 2.7 Measurement of safety performance 20 3. Project Plan, Methods and Techniques 24 3.1 Project Plan 24 3.2. Methods and Techniques 24 3.2.1. Sampling 24 3.2.2. Data Collection 25 3.2.3. Data Analysis 25 3.3. Skills and Experience 26 3.4. Time Scale 26 List of References 27 1. Introduction 1.1 Background Saudi Arabia has experienced rapid growth over the last few decades. In 2011, the GDP growth rate was 3.8% (TradingEconomics, 2011). This is roughly an average for the 21st century with lows having occurred during 2002-2003 and 2010 and highs during the mid 2000s. Exports at present are over 200,000 million SAR and over 90% of these are oil exports, which account for 75% of government revenue. The rapid growth is therefore mainly due to increases in the kingdom’s oil revenues. ... The construction industry engages in designing, constructing and maintaining unique buildings. In Saudi Arabia, its growth in recent years has been remarkable, especially due to increased foreign investment from international companies seeking to expand their businesses. According to Saudi Arabia’s Infrastructure Report for the second quarter of 2011, Saudi’s construction industry is set to grow by 4% in 2011, and it will continue to grow at this rate for the next four years (Roberts, 2011). In particular, during the period 2011 to 2015, Saudi Arabia’s residential building construction is set to grow at a rate of 7.2% (Saudi Entrepreneurship, 2011). The Saudi construction sector is the largest and fastest growing in the Gulf region. The government is completing the establishment of six economic cities; it has invested almost SR513.8 billion during the period October 2008 to April 2009, and it is expected to spend around SR1.5 trillion over the next half decade (U S-SA Business Council, 2010). However, the construction industry is also one of the most highly hazardous industries. Its unique nature, difficult work-site conditions, human behaviour, and poor safety management are the main causes of accidents (Koehn and Chih-Shing 1995, 261). Unfortunately, despite the construction evolution in Saudi Arabia, the work methods, equipment and procedures are still unsafe. As an example, in a recent incident in Riyadh in January 2011, it was reported that three workers were killed and eleven were left injured when scaffolding collapsed (Abbas, 2011). Several other highly publicised accidents at construction sites have also taken place in Saudi Arabia in recent years. Regulations do exist but many

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Social work. Domestic violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social work. Domestic violence - Essay Example It is quite concerning that incidences of domestic and intimate partner violence in the United States have in recent times experienced a surge that has now caused them to start occurring in rather epidemic proportions. The growth of the domestic violence epidemic is highlighted by the fact that it is estimated to annually be affecting an estimated about 6.2 million American women. Domestic violence has been shown to be causing these women more serious injuries as compared to muggings, car accidents and rape combined. During an average 12 month period, it has been shown that at least 4 million women experience an incident involving serious assault and is perpetrated by an intimate male partner(Schuler, 2010, p.164). As a result of the large number of domestic violence incidences perpetrated against women, Women have been shown to represent about 95 percent of the victims of domestic violence. While most of the research and focus of domestic violence is often targeted at women, of note is that there are a large number of cases whereby men have been noted to be the victims of domestic violence. Shuler (2010, p. 163)points out that in the 1970’s the issue of domestic violence was brought into the country’s general conversations by a number of feminist groups that organized and conducted numerous protests that were targeted at the criminal justice system and it is for this reason that the vast majority of individuals that happen to report incidences of domestic violence often tend to be women. The issue of male victims of domestic and intimate partner violence has now become an extremely serious issue in the United States. Shuler (2010, p. 164) points out that there are about 3.8 women and 1.3 men per 1000 that fall victim to domestic or intimate partner violence annually.Although it is a rather serious problem, the victimization of men by their women partners has largely been ignored by the general society. This is because of the

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Starbucks corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Starbucks corporation - Essay Example In relation to the study the company which has been selected is Starbucks. Founded in 1971 and operating in more than 50 countries worldwide, Washington based Starbucks is the largest coffee retailer in the world at present. Starbucks has more than 16000 outlets all over the world. Out of these 16000 stores, nearly 12,000 stores are located across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and the Pacific. In America, they have coffee outlets virtually in every corner. In other words, America is a saturated market for Starbucks now and they are looking for overseas markets as part of their expansion. In addition to coffee, Starbucks has other products such as tea, cake, cake filling leather goods, beverages, food, confections, coffee related machineries such as expresso machine, stainless steel coffee filters etc. Starbucks Corporation is a profitable organization, earning more than $600 million in 2004. The company generated revenue of more than $5000 million in the same year . Starbucks was one of the Fortune Top 100 Companies to Work For in 2005. In 1992, Starbucks listed on the stock exchange. Since then, its growth was phenomenal. Its annual average growth rate is 20% and profit growth is around 30%. Its share price marked a record 3500% increase, since its listing on the stock exchange. In other words, the market value of Starbucks shares from increased from $400 million to $15 billion recently. Starbucks is a reputed company with huge brand value and enormous resources. Its major strength is the ability to forecast market trends correctly and to make changes in business strategies. It should be noted that Starbucks was one among the few American companies which was unaffected by the recent recession. Starbucks top management team is extremely smarter in guiding the company even in unfavorable market conditions. Not even a single management decision went wrong for Starbucks in the last decade. Satisfied employees are another strength of Starbucks. à ¢â‚¬Å"They always treat the employees as their partners as mentioned earlier. Firm strategy, executive compensation and the performance of the firm can be divided into different streams and fit between firm strategy and compensation system is one among them† (Rajagopalan, n.d., p.4). Moreover, Starbucks is a socially committed company which gives something in return to the communities in which it operates. They are eager to recycle all industrial wastes produced by their activities. Smart business strategies, good suppliers, efficient leadership, talented employees are some other major strengths of Starbucks. Through the selling of coffee-related products such as brewing equipment and accessories, many consumers can enjoy high quality coffee at home rather than traveling out of their way. The equipment available includes Expresso machines, stainless steel coffee filters, and Starbucks cleaner and canisters. This is another example of how Starbucks is meeting the needs of curre nt customers as well as increasing its attractiveness to potential customers (Kembell, 2002). Weakness â€Å"Starbucks products are expensive compared to their competitor’s products (Starbucks Swot Analysis, n. d)†. One of the major weaknesses of Starbucks is the heavy pricing of their products. Starbucks never bothered to reduce the prices of their products irrespective of the market conditions. They do believe that for quality products, heavy pricing may not affect the customers very much. Starbucks is trying to implement the same price which they charge in America for coffee products, in international markets also. They are forgetting the fact that America is a wealthy country and the per capita income of Americans is more than that of the people in other countries. In other words, they are thinking that same product needs same pricing everywhere in the

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Classical mythology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Classical mythology - Essay Example However, when Greek myths [stories] are mentioned, most Christians and other contemporary religions shun them as mere fantasy, or fictional stories that never existed but were rather coined from human imagination. This and other disagreeing points exist when Greek mythology is being compared to other systems. However, the similarities are evident in some cases too. This paper will conduct a comparative research on Greek mythology and Christianity (as a non-Greek system), and in the comparison highlight significant emergent similarities and differences. Religion is the comparable element between Greek mythology and Christianity. Multiple differences and similarities are evident here. One similarity is that in Christianity and in the Greek system, there was a supreme being. In ancient Greek, there was Zeus, who was the god above all gods, and the Supreme Being that ruled over fate, order, law, the weather, and the sky. Although defined in terms of humanistic features such as being a sturdy man with a dark beard and one who depicted maturity, he held supernatural powers. He was attributed to the eagle, royal scepter, and a lightning bolt. Additionally, there were other gods under Zeus, such as the god of war, the god of fertility, and the god of love1. Similarly, the Christians have a Supreme Being, their God, who is the creator of mankind and rules over all creation. He is referred to as Yahweh, Jehovah, or simply â€Å"God†. The Christian God is referred to as â€Å"He† and is also attributed human features such as the famous Christian principle that says humans were made in God’s image2. Unlike Zeus, however, he has no specific attributes such as a beard, since He is spiritual and not visible to human eyes. Christians do not have lesser gods like the Greek in that Yahweh is the one and only God recognized by the religion. However, there is the definition